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Happy Holidays from Emily Portraits! We wanted to reach back out and let you know we have an exciting offer. It's something we've never done before! You have expressed interest in having a portrait created by our studio in Salt Lake City, but for one reason or another . . . we were never able to make it happen . . . NOW IS YOUR CHANCE!

  1. We're waiving any kind of session fee or reservation deposit! Yes, we're giving you a portrait session at no cost to you! ($200 value)

  2. We're opening more days during the week to accommodate various schedules!

  3. We're giving you a $350 credit to spend in our studio!

Your session will be scheduled for one hour. Time in the studio in front of the camera will work out to be 30 minutes max. This hour just gives us a bit of a buffer between clients so you have our full and undivided attention. Once your session is complete, you will schedule your proof session as you leave that will take place via Zoom in the comfort of your own home!

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