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Dress Code

As a studio that specializes in fine art portraiture we have a dress code to create beautiful, timeless portraits. We have specifically designed our lighting, background, and composition to consistently produce priceless fine art portraits.

We ask that you please dress in formal to semi-formal attire. Classic clothing is ideal in drawing attention to the faces of those in the portrait. Avoid patterns, jeans, golf shirts, or highly trendy clothing as this distracts from the true value of the portrait.


Suit or tuxedo, solid color shirt (no patterns), and a tie or bow tie.



Jewel toned, pastel, or neutral dress or formal wear works well. Women photograph best with sleeves or long sleeves as it keeps the attention on the face. Little to no pattern is ideal. Classic jewelry such as diamonds, pearls, etc. are encouraged.



Same as men. They can also wear a vest or sweater in lieu of a jacket. If the child is six or under, a dress shirt with a bow tie or tie is also acceptable. Dark pants, dark socks, and dark shoes work best.



Color tones should be similar to those worn by women. If the child is six or under, ivory, cream or off-white are also acceptable. While women are recommended to wear long sleeves, girls can wear short or no sleeves.

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