Kind Words

Working with Emily is so much greater than just getting photos taken. She makes your time with her an experience. She makes sure that you feel ready and beautiful before even stepping in front of the camera. She helps you see your best angles, and works to make you actually smile. Once she starts shooting she makes sure that everything is authentic and genuine. She makes the whole thing comfortable and safe, and makes you feel absolutely beautiful. I have never shot with someone so kind, fun, and talented as her. With Emily Portraits, it’s more than just taking photos, it’s having a beauty experience. Plus, the photos at the end of the experience are AMAZING. 12/10 WOULD recommend.

Caitlin T.

Emily is someone who wants you to feel absolutely fabulous! I felt like a goddess the whole time I was having my session with her. She created a calm and professional atmosphere that was the best for me to look my best! I think my favorite part was going back to look at all of the photos that we took touched up on her wall. The quality of the photos is absolutely stunning and you can tell that Emily wants you to be as happy as possible and will go the extra mile for you. Would highly recommend her to get awesome headshots for whatever you need!

Linday L.

Emily is such a delight to work with. She makes the whole photographing experience not only fun, but makes you feel like a star as well. She knows what she is doing, and is very professional. Her hair and makeup team make you look 10/10, and Emily’s photos make everyone look incredible. I would recommend her to anyone looking for pageant photos, business photos, or anything of the kind.

Whitney G.

We love working with Emily! Her styling, professionalism, organization and sheer talent are apparent in every shoot she does. Recently we (Ypsilon Dresses) did a shoot with Emily and Rachel B. (Miss UT Teen USA) in her fabulous studio! We were very happy with the photos and enjoyed our experience at the shoot. We cannot wait to work with her again! Thank you Emily!

Andrea H.

Emily is absolutely a class act. SO professional – on time in both appointments and timeliness of photos being ready. She was interested in gathering the feel/goals of our titleholder and executed them beautifully. So kind too!

Amy R.

Emily’s work shows beauty and confidence. She gives you an amazing experience that leaves you with even more amazing images. She is so kind and truly captures the beauty of every person she photographs. I would recommend her to anyone.

Natalie W.

Emily is amazing and does a fabulous job at pageant photography! I work with her on the Miss Utah pageant committee and am always impressed with her work and professionalism!

Natalie C.

I love Emily! She is so near and dear to my heart, and I am always impressed with the quality pictures I receive. You will not regret working with her!

Alexsys C.

Emily is not only a joy to work with but the results are nothing less than magical.

Nicole P.

Emily will take you from where you are to where you want to be with a photo shoot! From only working with the best hair and makeup to her obvious skill as a photographer, Emily has  perfected the perfect shot. A perfect shot from Emily is what you tried to imagine in your head . . . a snapshot of your personality and a portrait of your inner and outer beauty. You cannot quite imagine that level of a photo of you . . . until Emily shows it to you. Your photos will evoke the feeling you want! I can also promise you from years of photos with Emily that you will find your zone in a photo shoot and have an absolute blast! For my business it has been one of the best choices I have made for my brand and my confidence to promote myself to the world.

Angela B.

I wouldn’t trust anyone but Emily to do headshots or pageant photography. She was incredible to work with, and the photos are nothing like I’ve ever seen in all my pageants I’ve competed in. She makes every girl feel special as they come in, and you will leave feeling AMAZING with your new hair and makeup. Emily is so sweet, hardworking, and trust me she knows exactly what she’s doing. I would recommend anyone going there, you will never be disappointed with your pictures.

Jessica B.

I had the chance to sit in on a photo shoot with my current queen. Emily was so warm and welcoming as we arrived. Her team was set up and welcoming as well. She gave clear directions and expectations up front. She made me, as a bystander, still feel important to the shoot. Loved every minute of it.

Kate D. (Pageant Director)

Emily is one of the best photographers I have ever worked with. What makes her stick out so much in my mind of photographers is how much fun she is! At first, I was unsure of how the photo shoot would go, seeing as I’ve taken plenty of photos but had never really had a full on photo shoot before, let alone with a pro photographer . . . I stumbled in late, and mostly in a mess because life is hectic and sometimes that happens . . . But as soon as I walked in through her doors, I was welcomed by Emily’s bright and bubbly personality! Seriously, even one flash of her smile can calm any nerves you have! She had her hair and makeup gals there to fix me up and make me look gorgeous. (Which they’re also awesome. I felt like an actual princess when they pampered me. They took me from a hot mess to a hot mama!) Emily gave me guidance in what to wear, how to pose, and even how to relax in such an unknowing situation. Even though Emily has became a very close friend of mine and I could sit and talk with her for hours about anything and everything, she knows how to stay fun and professional at the same time. She kept me on time (which can be hard sometimes, I’m a real talker!) and made sure that I looked flawless in whatever we did. After all, she wanted to make sure that I had the best quality of photos that I could receive. Hence, my photos came out beautiful, as does anything she shoots. We had a revealing session and I had the hardest time picking which ones I wanted to buy in my package. I just wanted them all! I’m going to be honest and say that the photos she took of me are a very large portion of my favorite photos I’ve ever had in my life. I use them for pageants, dance teams, and even work interviews. Seriously, not joking. I also follow Emily on all social media, not only because I love the snot out of her but also because her photography is amazing. I haven’t ever seen a photo she has posted that I didn’t like. I will definitely be using Emily in the future because I truthfully do NOT have a single bad word to say about her or her photography. She made sure all my needs were met and I will forever be thankful for her. My experience was amazing, as would yours.

Chantel T.

Emily is the best photographer I have ever worked with. She is so professional and I was very happy about the result!

Jenny T.

Emily is one of a kind, and amazing. I have had the chance to know Emily for a few years and her photos never cease to amaze me. They are flawless and truly capture the inner and outer beauty of each individual that sits in front of her camera. I feel like a lot of people follow trends when it comes to photography, but Emily’s style is classic and sophisticated. I had my pageant photos taken from her, but I’d go to Emily for my professional work headshots or family photos. She does it all and she does it all perfectly.

Kinsey R.

I am beyond thrilled with the pictures!

Michele B.